About me.

Hi, my name is Margita Jumite.                                   Sveiki, esmu Margita Jumīte.

I am Certified Tour Guide in Latvia and Riga since 2006 and artist candle-maker since 2006.  Happily freelance.  

Member of the Association of Latvian Professional Guides (LPGA).

Cooperation with travel agencies :  "Riga Cruiseship Agency ", "Terra   Baltica", "MIKI Travel", "Reisieksperdi", "BTG", etc. companies, as well as individual clients. Regular work experience with tourists, conferences and official government delegations, individual travelers. Have a licence to guide at Riga Dome Cathedral, the Museum of History  and Navigation, Rundale Palace museum. Tours around Latvia - Sigulda, Cesis, Jurmala, Rundale.  I have a work experience for several tourists:

  Individual travelers;

 Work with ocean cruises ships groups;

 Work with journalists;

  Work with VIP ;

 Guiding in nature, Old city, Architecture, Art spaces, Old castles, City lifestyle and Fashion tours.

I really love my country and like to share it in my tours.



Work with love

All around the year.

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